Animal Success Stories

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When I arrived at my new home, I have to admit I was quiet nervous. I didn't know who this man and lady were, and these two dogs were just to excited about me. But I started to relax once my cage was set up like usual, and my new Dad(Henrik), made a new house to go inside my cage. It even has my name on it, it is so cool. The next day, I started to relax, and realized this was going to be my permanent home. And, I have to say I am loving my new digs. I get excited when my mom opens my cage every morning, and starts my day off right. She opens the blinds for me, cleans out my litter box, and puts my leash on. Yep! I have a leash and its red. Mom takes me on walks twice a day. Morning & evening, because that is when the sun isn't shining so much. Mom laughs at me when I show her my "Kung Fu" moves, and jump in the air. What can I say,I like to show off! Mom started to introduce me to my new sisters after being here for a few days. "Scarlett", is the most relaxed around me, and well "Bonnie" is a hunting dog in her blood, so mom was a little more careful and patient with the two of us. After "Bonnie" got used to my smell, she would just wag her tail at my cage and hunch down like she wanted to play. During the day she will come visit my room and lay on the bed to keep me company, and I will come out of my house to lay down in the cage to face her. So we have actually became good friends and like to share each others company. When we have play time outside mom will hold me in her lap by "Bonnie", and she will come lay beside me. As far as "Scarlett" goes outside, I can hop all around her. She is really gentle with me. But they both smell my butt a lot. Well, the bunny scoop is that I am really, really happy here. I feel like apart of the family and that I am finally home! Thank you for placing me with a good home, and say "hello" to all my other "Furry Feet" friends I made when I was staying with you. I hope they all find good homes like I did. I miss you, BINGO